Thursday, December 31

the big twenty-TEN

HELLO 2010.

hee. its new year already. time flew without me realizing. x realize lar sgt. SPM pe cer. keeps ur fingers crossed for my straight A+’s. insyaAllah. and for the rest SMKBL-ians 0509 and the rest of phalanx the legendz’s members too. Ameen..

x sngke aku akn wat gak blog nie. for killing my times kot. cuti smpai 3 bulan. weee~~. m’mndgkan mlm nie new year, ade few resolutions kot fr this new year. first time ade new year resolutions. weirdo me. well, this is a few of them;

  • be a better person
  • stick to ‘The Plan’
  • kumpul duet byk2!
  • amek lesen kete.
  • shopping, shopping & shopping lg. :)
  • read lots of English novels. bookaholic me. ;D

bleh t’capai x agknye? kte tnggu & lihat. ;))

hehe. for this blog, I’ll try my best update it regularly. for this few months lar. after the result kluar, busy sket kot. searching fr scholarships, interviews & the list goes on. then it won’t be like the earlier few months. blergh. don’t wanna think about the future – yet! gonna enjoy this long holidays first. appreciating every moments. fills them with great memories. then I’ll think about the future that awaits me. hoho.

erm. x tau nak tules ape lg. out of idea. hehe. mybe I’ll write more fr the next post. till then, sarang haeyo! :))

p/s- blog nie akn m’gunakan BHSE ROJAK. no offense erk. but I’ll try to wrote more in english. it’s a way fr me to improve my tenses & vocab. bak kte teacher aziah; practice ur tenses. blergh. I better improve my english or I’ll stuck in m’sia. definitely wanna further my studies oversea! NZ, wait fr me! enuff said. bye bye!