Saturday, January 2

new year?

wait! this would be a long and boring entry. haha. try reading it but jgn ckp aku x remind korg! its ur choice. nothing to do with me, okay? I don’t force u. u’r the one who wants to read it. thnx anyway. hee. :))

new year erk arini? seems like nothing differentiate today with any other day. from my point of view lar. what did u do today? celebrating? hee. me? stayed at home. re-read breaking dawn. boring life huh?

woke up slightly early today. my dreamless night is over. and now I felt more tired after I woke up. dunno frm where all the weird dreams came. blergh. but then, my sis asked me to teman her to go to our neighbour’s house. we’re goin to bake kek 3 tingkat this week. & she need some advice frm her friend aka our neighbour’s daughter. please let me survive next week. its gonna be a tiresome week.

then we got back home. after having my brunch, my sis asked me to make the fondant fr the cake. what? haha. I just follow the instructions and – I made it! fr the first time! ngehehe. but bear in mind, I wont eat fondant anymore! EVER! too much sugar. no wonder more and more people got kencing manis nowadays. haha. ;))

a few hours later, get back to my routine. re-read the breaking dawn till I fall asleep. wake up at 3, mybe. not so sure. check my phone and there was a sms frm zainun. zainun, sorry fr the late rply. hee. ;DD

nothing else to do, I decided to opened the pc, starts online-ing. nothing on the internet seems to attract me now. same old, same old. then I thought, why shouldn’t I read some blog. I stumble across a few blog and there is something in common bout the blogs. besides they are all girls, they also love to shop. that’s really one thing I cant understand about girls. haha. now worries but im purely a girl too. but definitely not the girl-ish type of girl. mybe there is something wrong with my genes or chromosomes – whatever u called it. I don’t take bio!

I love to shop too. but not like any other girls, I think. I prefer shops fr novels and dvds rather than shops fr new clothes, shoes, handbags, etc etc. bak kte k.reen; bleh x ko nie jd p’puan sket? haha. x cukup p’puan ke aku nie? dunno. better ask my friends. they know me better than I do know bout myself. no offense fr the shopaholic. mybe someday I’ll be like the you. thinking bout my appearance more than anything else. but mybe for now – not YET! I love myself. I love the way I lead my life. fullstop!

in the evening, gone out with sis & bro-in-law with their kids to the pasar malam. bought some yong tou foo. yum yum! and apples too. ain; ble nak mkn apple sme2 nie?.

while lepak-ing in the room, some unknown send me sms. lol. cut the story short, its fawa’s friend. wat t’kejut jer! at last, the mood to sms came back. I start replying all the msg I received these few days. bak kte fawa; sbb aku knal ko lar aku sbr je tnggu ko rply msg. sorry fawa. hee. then, there was phone call. him; sory erk x reply msg or angkat call. malas. he probably wont read this. anyway, sorry. just not in the mood fr chit-chat. books are my bestfriend now. cellphone? nuh-uh! sorry for those who sms me. we’ll keep in touch later, eyh? ;))

and now, im typing this. today seems tooo long. looking forward fr next week. akhirnye, aku akn gi amek lesen. x saba, x saba. enuff said fr today. hope tomorrow gonna be better than today. Ameen. bye bye! waslm.. :))

p/s- more info bout the cakes; . pls do visit and help me by ordering some. thnx! :DD

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