Tuesday, February 23


salam. hee. its been a while since I posted the last entry. a while? ngee~ ;P let me rephrase. its been a MONTH since I posted the last entry. agagaga.. so much fr updating it regularly. :D

well. don’t blame me. the holidays are boring! nothing really interest me anymore. even the novels or the Korean/ Japanese drama failed miserably to amazes me. dush! how boring it is lepak-ing at home. :(

yeah. zainun came to my house sumtimes. and I went to Melaka, bt. pahat & mersing during the Chinese new year. anything else, its just boring! I led a really boring life. jeez.. so much about all the plan to enjoy this long holiday.

what the funny thing is, I really miss school’s life! sitting at the classroom. getting sleepy even though its just the 1st period. missing mocking the teachers. pn anis, I miss u! or have a good talk bout novels with my teacher. ckgu jolyena, ramlee awing murshid is the best! but 9 nyawa is just, blergh! not really like it though. and yeah, I miss pulling myself together just to catch-up with the syllabus. learning add maths where I’m really sucks at it and never get more than a C. and how I love the engineering drawing and maths so much! maths in upper form is pretty easy and I love to do the engineering drawing. well, it doesn’t need creativity. what u have to do is just re-drawing the drawing. hee. and I miss going to the library and lepak-ing there. SMKBL’s library is the best. SEPINTAR? not really. the English novels there are just sooo old-fashioned. made me want to sleep. cut the story short, I guess I miss school’s life pretty badly. ://

jeez.. why am I doing this. talking about school. I used to hate it. but I guess school’s life its not that suck. well, if u love the school, SINCEREly love the school, u’ll miss it when u have graduated. and now I’m missing SKPJP more than SMKBL and SEPINTAR. I don’t have a fond memory when I’m in SMKBL and SEPINTAR though. I love to be childish and so carefree. do just what i wanted to. nobody forced me to do what I don’t want to. playing around all day long. run away frm home. but I know, everyone have to grow up. and live the life. but no offense to SMKBL-ians and SEPINTARians. I love u both too. missing u all. but yeah, I have lots of hurtful memories than the good memories. but the good memories made the hurtful memories more bearable. thnx fr made my life more colorful. :)

well. I guess talking about him to zainun today triggered my memory. actually, I want to talk about him (should I just name him A) in this post. just to let out what I truly feel inside and out. lol. its nothing to do with love. its all about guilt. and friendship. and hypocrisy. cut the story short, A, I’m still begging fr your forgiveness. I made mistakes. I know. I’m sorry. and I just want to know that u will frgive me or not, just that what I’m asking frm u. he will never read this. I’m so pathetic! jeez.. =.=”

erm.. I think I better end my post here. before I said things that I’ll regret later. before that, I, Ati Puspa, will try to live the life to the fullest. appreciates what I have now instead grumbling about things I do not have. and keep on believing that ALLAH knows what is the best fr me.

enuff said. bye bye. waslm. :))

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